Comprehensive Immigration Reform Update 161

Election and New Administration. The Trump administration does not take office until January 20, 2017 but those concerned with immigrants cannot ignore the changes that President-Elect Trump has promised with respect to immigrants and refugees. Immigration experts, such as those at the Catholic Legal Immigration Network, sponsored by the bishops of the United States, are giving careful consideration to the effects of the election and will be developing plans to help individuals and families as exact policies emerge. In the meantime, those working with immigrants and refugees should proceed with caution so as not to create unwarranted alarm but recognizing the need to begin planning for whatever dramatic changes come. We will keep you apprised of the this developing situation over the next months.

ICYMI – TEXT4Refugees – Citizenship Information for Refugees and Asylees. CLINIC is providing a new service. Refugees, asylees and anyone interested in learning more about citizenship will benefit from CLINIC’s monthly text messages about the citizenship application process. See more information at:

Pope Francis. In an interview during the past week, Pope Francis expressed his concern for the plight of immigrants and refugees. Mindful of the election in the United States, the Holy Father emphasized that the Church does not judge individual politicians but the policies that affect the poor and marginalized.