Comprehensive Immigration Reform Update 169

Cardinal DiNardo Responds to Video Message From Pope Francis. As part of National Migration Week, Cardinal Daniel DiNardo, president of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, issued a statement in response to a video message from Pope Francis that was played at a parish Mass in Los Angeles The Cardinal said: “Ultimately, the question is this: Will our nation treat all migrants and refugees, regardless of their national origin or religion, in a way that respects their inherent dignity as children of God? Pope Francis reminds us we are all equal before God…. Achieving ‘one nation under God’ has not always been easy, but each earlier period of immigration has ultimately strengthened our society. Those who seek to do us harm must be kept from our shores, but those fleeing persecution in need of hope and ready to help us build a better America must be welcomed.”

New President Inaugurated January 20. Donald Trump will be inaugurated president on January 20 and it is still not known how he will implement his campaign promises regarding immigration. Whatever changes come forward, CLINIC has prepared materials to assist immigrants and refugees and it will update materials as changes are announced

Continued Support from Bishops. Cardinal Blasé Cupich, archbishop of Chicago, is among the latest bishops speaking in support of protection for young people brought to the United States and raised here. The Cardinal suggests that these DACA recipients be protected, not prosecuted or deported. Immigrants, he said, have “made America great.”,amp.html

ICYMI – Resources for Workers and Students. While we wait to see what changes may emerge in immigration law in the coming year, there are resources available to help immigrants know their rights. See CLINIC publications explaining rights for students  and for workers.