Comprehensive Immigration Reform Update 21

Federal Legislation. There are persistent rumors of legislative drafting behind the scenes in the House of Representatives but no new bills have appeared in public. Hope for action before the end of 2013 dims as Congress plans only about a dozen legislative days before the end of the year. Yet, our advocates in Washington remain hopeful that viable legislation can emerge even if it takes until sometime in 2014. Reform, however, will never come without our sustained advocacy. Please encourage others to contact their members of Congress to support comprehensive immigration reform, including a path to citizenship, through the Justice for Immigrants website: The Justice for Immigrants website also includes links to statements by bishops across the country in support of reform.

Pope Francis. While Congress continues to stall without apparent concern for the pain of the immigrant population, Pope Francis continues his fatherly concern for suffering immigrants around the world, most recently asking a time of silence at the All Saints Day angelus for those who died trying to cross the desert in search of a better life.  The Holy Father’s concern is noticed by advocates for reform in the United States as reflected in an article by Jeanne Atkinson, Executive Director of the Catholic Legal Immigration network (CLINIC).

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