Comprehensive Immigration Report No. 174

Border Bishops Speak. Catholic bishops of the United States minister along the Mexican border to migrants and speak out in their support.

Executive Action. Following court decisions, the executive orders related to immigrants and refugees remain unenforceable. By all reports, however, the Trump administration is preparing new executive orders, which as they claim, will avoid the legal problems with earlier orders and lead to more deportations. For those who may be affected by any new orders in the near future, it is important to keep abreast of publicly announced changes and take personal action with caution and counsel.

Refugee Resettlement Facts. In the ongoing discussion of refugee resettlement, seek out facts about the people and the processes they go through. (

Justice for Immigrants Campaign. The Justice for Immigrants Campaign is supported by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) to support diocesan and local activities by providing information for immigrants and those assisting them. The Justice for Immigrant (JFI) webpage currently contains a number of items related to recent government activity and ways to protect yourself, your family and those in your parish. The Catholic Legal Immigration Network (CLINIC) also provides resources related to protection of rights for immigrants.