Comprehensive Immigration Report No. 175

To Welcome, To Protect, To Promote, To Integrate. Citing the consistent teachings of his predecessors, Pope Francis identified these responses as necessary for a Christian approach to migrating peoples. We have a duty of civility, justice and solidarity toward our brothers and sisters.

More Bishops Speak. Cardinal Blasé Cupich, archbishop of Chicago, has written of his concerns about the Administration’s executive actions According to Catholic social teaching, the basic building block of society is the family but, as Los Angeles Archbishop Jose Gomez says, the immigration raids are breaking up families

Executive Action Update.  As this is written, we are anticipating a new revision of the Administration’s travel ban executive order sometime in the coming week. There is still speculation about an executive order related to DACA but, in the meantime, renewal applications are still being processed.

ICYMI – Justice for Immigrants Campaign. The Justice for Immigrants Campaign is supported by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) to support diocesan and local activities by providing information for immigrants and those assisting them. The JFI webpage currently contains a number of items related to recent government activity and ways to protect yourself, your family and those in your parish. The Catholic Legal Immigration Network (CLINIC) also provides resources related to protection of rights for immigrants.