Comprehensive Immigration Report No. 191

Bishops continue to speak against anti-immigrant policies. Read Bishop Mark Seitz reflection on the Gospel response to those who want to deport DACA registrants.

Reports from Washington Suggest More Anti-immigrant Policies May Be On the Horizon. Federal legislation and policy changes are hard to predict and many predictions – good or bad – do not happen. Administration leaders are talking about the possibility of ending or further reducing the scope of DACA registrations. Nevertheless, reports are creating concern. There is opposition to legal immigration, as well. Read more here. President Trump sends mixed messages on the subject of DACA. It is not a time for panic but those questioning their options should seek competent legal assistance.

Refugees and Citizenship. With all the threats to immigrants and refugees, many are eligible for citizenship and this may be time to explore those possibilities.

Courts Restrict Deportation of Iraqis. As the Administration works to deport Iraqis, one court has temporarily halted deportations so that the matter can be studied more closely. More details here.

ICYMI – KNOW YOUR REFUGEE RIGHTS: “BE PREPARED, NOT SCARED” Refugees, immigrants and all others should be aware of their rights when dealing with the government officials. CLINIC and Justice for Immigrants publishes guides to help.  JFI promises that more aids are coming in additional languages.