Comprehensive Immigration Report No. 221

National Catholic Call Congress For Dreamers Day. Responding to a call from Catholic bishops across the country, many Catholics called Congress members on February 26 asking them to protect Dreamers from deportation, to provide them a path to citizenship, and to avoid any damage to existing protections for families and unaccompanied minors in the process. You can still call members of Congress.  Find more information here.

Catholic Sisters, Priests and Other Leaders Demonstrate For Dreamers In Washington. A group of sisters, priests and others demonstrated and engaged in civil disobedience to call attention to the plight of DACA recipients as the Administration’s March 5 deadline. Several sisters and priests were arrested.

Catholic Cardinals Speak on Immigrants. Cardinal Joseph Tobin, archbishop of Newark, NJ, criticizing the lack of civility in public discourse, saying “we are witnessing an escalating display of hatred for undocumented individuals and families. We have stopped seeing the faces of our immigrant brothers and sisters, and the stories behind their faces.” “There’s a little bit of migrant in everyone, Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle of Manila, Philippines, said during a U.S. visit. The story of human history is one based on people moving around the planet in search of a better life, and it is humanity’s responsibility – and the Church’s – to welcome travelers and meet their needs.”

ICYMI — Combine Lenten Practice With Support For Immigrant Neighbors. Still trying to decide what to do for Lent and affect your life and the lives of others? CLINIC has s series of digital devotions linking Scripture, prayer and human stories. Everyone can participate.

 A Nation of Immigrants. USCIS has changed its mission statement to delete the phrase “a nation of immigrants” but that does not change the reality of America.