Comprehensive Immigration Report No. 229

Georgia Supreme Court Refused to Hear In-State Tuition Case. Without explanation, the Georgia Supreme Court will not review a Court of Appeals decision denying in-state tuition for DACA recipients. Thus, students in Georgia state colleges and universities will continue to pay higher out of state tuition in institutions that allow undocumented students to attend. An example of this policy with long term benefits is New Jersey, which has allowed in-state tuition for undocumented students since 2013 and has now adopted a law permitting increased financial aid for those students.

What Can I Do to Accompany Immigrants? Become active in your community. Resources are available from the U.S. bishops’ Justice for Immigrants Campaign.

Archbishop Gregory Responds to a Young Interviewer. In his most recent Georgia Bulletin column, Archbishop Gregory reflected on an interview by a young girl preparing for First Holy Communion. In his reflection of the value and dignity of all life, he wrote, “What she reminded me was that our love for all of God’s creatures must include even the people whom some folks might consider inconvenient, expendable and bothersome.” That is, those who are immigrants, prisoners and poor.

Archbishop Jose Gomez Speaks of Immigration Policy. Addressing the graduating class of the Catholic University of America, the archbishop of Los Angeles summarized his beliefs on immigrants saying, “We can still rely on the protection of divine Providence. We can still open our door with confidence to people who are yearning to breathe free. We can still practice a politics with malice toward none and charity for all. We are made for greater things.” Archbishop Gomez is an adult immigrant from Mexico.

ICYMI – Will DACA Continue, Allow Renewals or Accept New Applications? There have been court decisions related to DACA, but all media reports are not completely accurate. If you are DACA registered or want to be, consult a qualified attorney or non-profit legal provider. For a quick rundown of options, check out the diagram on the Catholic Legal Immigration Network (CLINIC) website