Comprehensive Immigration Report No. 235

Archbishop Gregory Issues Statement Responding to Families Separated at the Border. On June 29, Archbishop Gregory issued a statement related to the crisis of families separated at the U.S. / Mexico border. The unnecessary separation of children from parents and the detention of children is contrary to our values rooted in Catholic social teaching.

Family Separation at the Border. There is continuing concern for families and children detained at the border. A delegation of bishops is going to the border on behalf of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) and will likely send a report within the next week.

Why Do People Risk Their Lives to Come to the United States? Click here for an important answer to this common question.

Supreme Court Upholds Travel Ban. The U.S. Supreme Court has upheld the lawfulness of the administration’s ban on immigrants and others coming from certain Muslim countries. Catholic bishops and others groups have expressed their disappointment with the ruling as it conflicts with freedom of religion.

ICYMI – Resources on Family Separation. For background and resources on family detention and separation, visit the Justice for Immigrants website.

Immigration Reform Legislation. Again, on June 27, the House of Representatives failed to pass a “compromise” bill on immigration. The bill would have provided some relief to DACA recipients, but would also have authorized $25 million for a wall on the southern border. USCCB had opposed the bill as an insufficient solution to the problem. There will likely be no other attempt at immigration legislation until the fall.