Comprehensive Immigration Report No. 236

Bishops at the Border. Led by Cardinal Daniel DiNardo, a delegation of bishops visited Brownsville, Texas and Mexico to see and report on migrants crossing the border. The bishops called for urgent reunification of families, but said there were no villains in his difficult situation.

In a press conference afterwards, Bishop Daniel Flores of Brownsville said, “I want to emphasize that we can be a nation of laws and still be a nation of compassion. That is what we, as a church need to keep saying in the public square. There is no reason why those have to be opposed.” The bishops emphasized that it is not just a border issue but a hemispheric reality that calls for greater understanding of what is forcing people to leave their homes and move. For pictures, view the Justice for Immigrants Twitter account.

Clarkston on Today. The Today Show reported on the diversity in Clarkston, Georgia – home to many cultures. Catholic Charities Atlanta, among others have worked to resettle refugees in the town with southern hospitality.

Pope Francis On Migration and Lampedusa. Meditating on the words of the Prophet Amos, Pope Francis lamented the many poor who are “victims of that culture of waste that has been denounced time and time again,” including “migrants and refugees who continue to knock at the door of nations that enjoy greater prosperity.”

The Holy Father also commemorated his first journey outside of the Vatican after becoming pope when he visited Lampedusa, Italy, to express his solidarity with migrating peoples, a continuing theme of his papacy.

ICYMI- Archbishop Gregory’s Statement on Immigration Policy. On June 29, Archbishop Gregory issued a statement related to the crisis of families separated at the U.S./Mexico border. The unnecessary separation of children from parents and the detention of children is contrary to our values rooted in Catholic social teaching.