Comprehensive Immigration Report No. 239

Immigration Remains a Priority Issue for Catholic Bishops. The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) continues to focus on the well-being of migrants. Read a summary of their activity over the last eighteen months as well as some expectations for the next few months.

Can the U.S Government Take Away Naturalized Citizenship? Yes, in some instances the government can takes away naturalized citizenship. The administration is currently researching past applications for fraudulent statements. As always, if approached by government officials, it is important to get a qualified immigration attorney.

Why Would Parents Leave Their Children Behind in Another Country? Allegedly, parents seeking asylum in the United States, but nonetheless deported, have agreed to leave their children in the United States. However, a recent report shows that the government frequently does not ask questions, but just deports. The government’s lack of knowledge makes it even more difficult to reunite parents and children. Catholic social teaching wisely advocates keeping families united, as it is the building block of society.

In-Depth Analysis. Want to take a deep dive into immigration issues? Migration Policy Institute has done a detailed study of changes in immigration policy since the beginning of the Trump administration.

ICYMI — Learn More About “For Profit” Detention Centers. Many immigration detention centers are run by “for profit” companies under contract with the federal government. For more information about generated problems, sign up for a webinar from the Justice for Immigrants Campaign. There are alternatives and cost savings. For example, the detention facility in Lumpkin County, Georgia is a “for profit” facility that announced an expansion to accommodate more beds.