Comprehensive Immigration Report No. 248

ICYMI – Time to Vote. Elected officials make immigration laws that affect all of us. The Church cannot support or oppose political candidates, but all citizens should be attentive to political platforms to vote responsibly and prudently. The general election will be November 6, 2018. All voters must be registered by October 9, 2018. Don’t miss the opportunity to have an impact on our future.

National V Encuentro. The four-day national gathering of Hispanic and Latino Catholics reflected the needs of immigrants and recipients of temporary protected status. Read personal reflections from Catholic News Agency. Some of the nation’s most outspoken bishops who support immigrants also attended and showed support.

Proposed Rules May Limit Important Services for Undocumented. The Administration is proposing new rules that could prevent legal permanent residents from obtaining naturalized citizenship if they have lawfully received public benefits. Bishop Joe Vasquez, Chair of the USCCB Committee on Migration and Bishop of Austin, Texas, with Bishop Frank Dewane, Chair of Committee on Domestic and Social Development and the Bishop of Venice, Florida, issued a statement criticizing the proposal.

Be Careful of Immigration Scams. As immigrants seek ways to obtain citizenship, please be aware of scammers who are out to defraud the vulnerable.