Comprehensive Immigration Report No. 251

Synod of Bishops. The Synod of Bishops in Rome focuses on youth and vocations, but immigration issues are often discussed. A young graduate of Georgetown University shares her life as an immigrant in America. See other stories on Twitter using #caring4migrants.

Rulemaking and Advocacy. Federal rules and regulations can have a dramatic impact on immigration, but how can someone effectively advocate in the rulemaking process? On October 17, staff from Justice for Immigrants and core affiliates discussed the potential harm to immigrants and refugees based on current proposed changes, how to promote Catholic priorities, and why we should comment on proposals. A very helpful webinar is now available online. Also, check out this resource from Catholic Legal Immigration Network (CLINIC).

Family Separation. Not just talk but action is needed. Lutheran Immigration Services and USCCB Office of Migration Services issued a press release and report on the work of faith-based organizations to assist separated immigrant and refugee families.

ICYMI – Ask to Hear a Story or Share Yours. Everyone has family stories, but immigrant stories have special sacrifices and heroism. Read this reflection. Think about your story and ask others to share theirs.