Comprehensive Immigration Report No. 256

Thanksgiving Has Passed, But Other Celebrations Are Coming. A CLINIC affiliate in North Carolina followed a multi-cultural Thanksgiving tradition. Christmas, New Year, Hanukkah and Chinese New Year can be celebrated to include brothers and sisters from around the world in order to build a loving community.

Why Would a Methodist Pastor Join a Caravan? Gavin Rogers, a Methodist Pastor wanted to examine for himself the allegations about the caravan members. Click here for his report.

Immigrants Seeking Asylum Are Not Breaking the Law. Immigrants have the right to seek asylum under United States law. Those who deprive them of that right are the lawbreakers. Read an explanation.

Catholic Charities Attorneys Volunteer Services at the Border. Catholic Charities in Arlington, Virginia, and other locations have volunteered their time and expertise to help asylum seekers at the border. Read about their experiences.