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Comprehensive Immigration Reform Update 8

House of Representatives.  It now appears that the House will not take up immigration reform before its five week recess that begins August 2. Nonetheless, public discussion continues. More religious leaders continue to speak out in favor of reform recognizing, as does Archbishop Jose Gomez, archbishop of Los Angeles and chairman of the USCCB Committee on Migration that the status quo is “morally unacceptable.”  On July 18, more than 90 Catholic university presidents were joined by dozens of academics in sending a letter supporting immigration reform to every Catholic member of the House of Representatives, including House Speaker John Boehner and Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi. The Evangelical Immigration Table, a broad cross section of Evangelical religious leaders, continues to advocate for issues similar to those espoused by our Catholic bishops.

Litigation. In the litigation regarding Georgia HB 87, a federal district judge dismissed that part of a case which alleged the unconstitutionality of the provision which racial profiling. The court ruled that the plaintiffs could not prove that the law was unconstitutional in every instance. The court left open the possibility that other plaintiffs were not prevented from filing separate lawsuits challenging the statute or that there might be individual situations where allegations of discrimination might be made. The court previously ruled that Georgia cannot enforce provisions of HB 87 which would have punished people who, while committing another crime, knowingly transport or harbor illegal immigrants or encourage them to come to Georgia.

Archdiocesan Immigration Reform Implementation Task Force. The archdiocesan conference for pastors and parish representatives was attended by more than 60 people in the Chancery and by other individuals at over 60 computer locations. A video of the presentation and a copy of the handouts can be found on the Georgia Catholic Conference website: http://georgiacc.org/

Please take time to contact members of the House of Representatives and ask for support for comprehensive immigration reform. They may be most effectively contacted through the USCCB Justice for Immigrants website athttp://www.capwiz.com/justiceforimmigrants/issues/alert/?alertid=62312721&type=CO

The website helps identify the correct representative for each individual depending on voting residence.

I can provide additional information on request.