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Comprehensive Immigration Reform Update 19

Federal Legislation. While Congress remains consumed by debate over the budget and debt ceiling, public advocacy continues in support of immigration reform with numerous public demonstrations, including one in Washington where eight members of the House of Representatives, including John Lewis (D-GA), were arrested. Catholic bishops across the United States continue to support reform through public letters and statements.http://justiceforimmigrants.org/index.shtml

Pope Francis. The Holy Father continues to express his concern for immigrants throughout the world and calls us to join him. He has shown particular concern for those who have lost their lives seeking a better life in Europe, particularly those who drowned off the coast of Lampadusa which the Pope had visited in July. http://www.catholicnews.com/data/stories/cns/1304207.htm

Multicultural Parishes. The importance of immigration reform to Catholic parishes has been underscored by a recent study which shows nearly forty percent of Catholic parishes, especially in the south and west, are identified as multicultural. http://usccb.org/news/2013/13-182.cfm Parishes must be prepared to support the brothers and sisters who are in our very midst.

Local Advocacy. Reform will not come without sustained advocacy. Please encourage others to contact their members of Congress to support comprehensive immigration reform, including a path to citizenship, through the Justice for Immigrants website: http://justiceforimmigrants.org/index.shtml The Justice for Immigrants website also includes links to statements by bishops across the country in support of reform.

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