Governmental policy and legislation report No.8

Keep Ukraine in your prayers. Read the stories of seven who fled and visit for all the latest information today! The Georgia General Assembly completed its 2022 session on April 4. Below are significant results from that 40 day session. Bills that have passed can be vetoed by the Governor within forty days from … Read more

Comprehensive Immigration Report No. 363

Toward an Ever Wider “We.” This is the theme Pope Francis has chosen for the 107th World Day of Migrants and Refugees scheduled for September 2021. Read the Holy Father’s message for the occasion. The Good Samaritan story is central in Pope Francis encyclical Fratelli Tutti and guides the church and all humanity ‘Towards an … Read more

Comprehensive Immigration Report No. 350

Presidential executive orders. The Biden administration continues to indicate its intention to issue immigration and refugee related executive orders that will reverse or modify executive orders issued by the previous administration. A series of orders expected on Friday, January 29, was postponed. The administration is, nevertheless, still expected to issue orders related to “remain in … Read more

Comprehensive Immigration Report No. 348

Unauthorized immigrants will be included in census. Although the Trump Administration proposed to exclude undocumented immigrants from the apportionment of census calculations, the necessary analysis cannot be completed before the inauguration of the Biden Administration. The new administration has stated that it will include the undocumented. This is an important change in policy that will … Read more

Comprehensive Immigration Report No. 310

What do you want to know about COVID-19 and immigrants? Refugees and immigrants, whether documented or not, are at greater risk than others from the COVID-19 pandemic. All refugees, immigrants and others who lack health insurance and access to affordable health care often cannot get the testing or treatment that would protect them and their … Read more