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The Georgia Catholic Conference witnesses to spiritual values in public affairs, and provides an agency for corporate Catholic service to the statewide community. Under the direction of the Catholic bishops of Georgia, the Conference promotes public policy positions related to Georgia governmental programs, legislation and policies which affect the common good and interest of the Catholic Church.

Legislative Alert

Georgia House Bill 481, the Living Infants Fairness & Equality Act (LIFE Act).  The Georgia House of Representatives is expected to vote on agreeing to the Senate amendments and thus finalize passage of the bill sometime between now and Tuesday, April 2. The Georgia Catholic Conference recommends support of the Bill.

The core of the bill is a prohibition against abortion after a detectable fetal heartbeat, usually six to eight weeks after conception. While we understand life to begin at conception, not heartbeat, this language is as close as the authors think we can come and still withstand challenge in court. The bill also contains exceptions in the case of rape, threatened death of the mother, or a medically futile diagnosis, all of which are exceptions that we would prefer were not permitted. Nonetheless, we recommend support because it would prohibit many abortions that are legal today.

Please call or email your State senator and State House representative and ask them to support HB 481.