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Legislative Report – January 28, 2013

During the week of January 21, the General Assembly has not been in session so that the Appropriations Committees of both houses could hear testimony from State agencies on their budget needs of FY 2014. Accordingly, no new legislation has been introduced.

The General Assembly returns to session on Monday, January 28. Catholic Day at the Capitol is scheduled for January 29 with Archbishop Gregory giving the morning devotional in the House of Representatives at 10:00.

Immigration. In Washington, Congress has been preoccupied with the inauguration and with fiscal issues but immigration is still expected to be considered in the next few months. Details of proposed legislations are still to come but the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops continues to ask Congress members to support basic just and compassionate reform principles through its ongoing postcard campaign at http://www.capwiz.com/justiceforimmigrants/issues/alert/?alertid=62312721&type=CO

Death Penalty / Restorative Justice. Opposition to the death penalty is evolving very slowly in Georgia. Nonetheless, the Catholic Conference supports legislation to end the death penalty or, at least, alleviate injustices related to it. HB 98 has been introduced to eliminate the death penalty in Georgia and hearings are possible; however, there is little likelihood that action will be taken on the bill in 2013