Georgia Legislation

The Georgia Catholic Conference represents the Catholic bishops of Georgia as their advocate and lobbyist with Georgia State legislative bodies in matters related to the Church and to Catholic teaching.

Archbishop Gregory and all Georgia Bishops have asked that periodically update on current issues to be posted here as needed.

thumbnailReports from the Current Legislative Session:

  • Comprehensive Immigration Report No. 185

    City of Clarkston Announces Limited Cooperation with ICE. The City of Clarkston, GA has announced a policy of not arresting or detaining anyone based on U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) requests called “detainers” or “administrative immigration warrants.” Click here … [Read More ]

  • Comprehensive Immigration Report No. 184

    Temporary Protected Status (TPS) Update. Attention TPS holders from Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia: TPS status terminates for holders in your countries on May 20, 2017. Click here for more information. It is highly recommended that all these individuals get … [Read More ]

Archived Reports:

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