Georgia Legislation

The Georgia Catholic Conference represents the Catholic bishops of Georgia as their advocate and lobbyist with Georgia State legislative bodies in matters related to the Church and to Catholic teaching.

Archbishop Gregory and all Georgia Bishops have asked that periodically update on current issues to be posted here as needed.

thumbnailReports from the Current Legislative Session:

  • Comprehensive Immigration Report No. 178

    Work for Integration With Local Leaders. How can parish leaders work with local leaders to help with the integration of migrating people into their communities? The Catholic Legal Immigration Network (CLINIC) offers suggestions. ideas-working-together-your-local-officials Refugee Travel Ban. The Trump … [Read More ]

  • Comprehensive Immigration Report No. 176

    Stay Up to Date on Executive Orders. Although the status of executive orders related to immigration changes frequently, avoid rumors and panic. Follow webinars from the Catholic bishops’ Justice for Immigrants campaign. Advocacy Actions. While waiting for governmental action … [Read More ]

Archived Reports:

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