Governmental policy and legislation report No.9

Blessed and happy Easter to all as we continue to pray for peace in Ukraine and other areas experiencing armed conflict around the world.

Welcoming and protecting refugees. The world is experiencing rapidly increasing numbers of refugees. In the media, they may be portrayed as criminals, terrorists and worse, but through Christian eyes, they are our sisters and brothers in need. United States law makes lawful entry difficult when refugees appear at our borders, particularly at our southern borders where asylum seekers from Central and South America. Now refugees from Afghanistan and Ukraine are seeking refuge from wars in their countries. Read about the Christian approach. Also, read the background of the Remain in Mexico policy, which is endangering many refugees who must wait long periods of time to even have their cases heard.

What is the church doing for refugees? Pope Francis frequently speaks of the need to humanize migrants and refugees as our sisters and brothers as he recently did during his apostolic visit to Greece. See the programs supported by the USCCB Migration and Refugee Service. 

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